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With the changes to the learning support requirements, what math class do I register for?

Answered By: Bethany Schultz
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2020     Views: 119

As the college will no longer be offering MATH 0090, students now have the option of enrolling directly into the diploma or degree-level math requirement for their program. Students who are unsure of what is required for their program can review the information listed on each program’s webpage.

Please review the links below for detailed course descriptions that provide an overview the content of specific math courses for better informed decisions:  

·         MATH 0090B Learning Support Math B

·         MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics

·         MATH 1101 Mathematical Modeling

·         MATH 1103 Quantitative Skills and Reasoning

·         MATH 1111 College Algebra

Please note, students who have taken MATH 0090 and are in Modules 1-11 are encouraged to enroll in both MATH 0090B and MATH 1111. Students may take any MATH 0090B course with any MATH 1111 course.

Answered By: Bethany Schultz

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