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I'm having trouble using OKTA.

Answered By: Julie Holland
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2021     Views: 9

Students go through the Okta dashboard to access student email, BannerWeb, or Blackboard accounts. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Okta dashboard.
  2. Enter your Okta username, which is your entire Chatt Tech student email. (Example:
  3. Enter your password, which was sent to your personal email account from CTC Technology. If you reset your password, use your most recent password. (Remember, passwords are case-sensitive and must include the special character at the end.)
  4. Once you have logged in to Okta, select the button of the application you would like to use. When you are done working, log out and close all BannerWeb, Blackboard, email, and Okta pages.


If you cannot locate the initial username/password email from CTC Technology, follow these steps to find your student email address and password:

    • Find your student email using the Student ID, Email, and Username Lookup tool.
    • Reset your password using our Password Reset tool.
    • Your new password will be sent to the personal email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) that is connected to your academic record.
    • Do not attempt to login with your new password immediately; please wait at least 30 minutes.

If issues persist, please submit a Student Helpdesk request.