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I can't see or open content in Blackboard or upload assignments.

Answered By: Julie Holland
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2021     Views: 281

  1. Your instructor creates, uploads, and manages all teaching content inside a Blackboard course. The content may need to be adjusted so that you can see or open it, or the instructor may have a reason for hiding content. You must contact your instructor and ask for help.
  2. You are using a browser not supported by Blackboard. We recommend only the most current versions of Chrome and Firefox. IE (Internet Explorer) is not a supported browser and you will not be able to see or open content correctly in IE.
  3. You don’t have the required software or plugin to open or view the content. You must download the required software or plugin. If you need assistance, you should contact your instructor.
  4. You are attempting to access content on a tablet or cell phone without using the Blackboard app. Content will not display correctly on cell phones and tablets unless you are using the Blackboard app. Log into Blackboard using a desktop or laptop or use the Blackboard app with your cell phone or tablet.
  5. The content has changed recently, and you may be able to see and open it after you log out of Blackboard, clear your browser’s cache as far back as possible, and log into Blackboard again.